Bees In The Bathroom / And I Couldn't Believe It Wasn't Real (Demo)

by Budris

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I've got so much to say, but nothing can I say to your face cause every time we meet I lose every thought I thought I'd complete.
I love every squeak, but they're like brights in my eyes, they blind me, cloud my view I slip on ice every night.
Be all mine
And it plays on repeat until I do nothing but weep and sigh. I need you in my life. Your fingers they poke me just right.
So babe lay your head on my chest. It'll stick in mine just like the imprint you left when you squirmed in my arms on the deck, and we laughed as we fucked with that nest and we watched the sun set as I watch you do those clumsy twirls in my room. I just hope you find a guy soon who wont let you say you're sad without taking one look at you and giving you his all until your glad, cause you're so damn cute when your glad.
So please let me kiss you one more time before your gone and all I've got is this rhyme to remember playing with your hair, ignoring physics with the golden ghost dance beware.
I'll drink myself to sleep every morning I wake and think of you, knowing you've got more important things to do then to think about me too.

And it's gotten harder to enjoy this game since I've been lost in those lovely eyes I'd known for so many days
And I get up just to see that she gets what she needs, though i know it wouldn't be so if it weren't for the summer of 2014. She saved me from cross country. She's a catch that's just out of my league but she's the only reason I've got to breathe
My outlook stays the same while my condition fades so I've got nothing to lose in the ground that's worth it here when I spend all my money for time on cigs and beer.
And I have lost another I could have loved to a friend who won't stay over, a friend who's always won. But I can't get over good health and good times. Why don't I infect their heads the way she does mine. So I'll keep on getting kicked out of shows for girls and shit nobody really knows why I'm not enough for my favorite one, though I'll always get to her with one quick run.
She don't want me, none of them want me, I don't want me too
I don't blame you


released February 14, 2015
photo cred: aly
single on seagreens comp
the second part came first



all rights reserved


Budris Watertown, Connecticut

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